David Rubenstein. Courtesy photo. David Rubenstein. Courtesy photo.

The University of Chicago Law School has received a $13 million donation from alum David Rubenstein to further bolster the scholarship program already named for him.

Rubenstein, who co-founded global investment firm The Carlyle Group, has given a total of $46 million to his alma mater since 2010, which has been used to fund full-ride scholarships for about 10 percent of the law school student body. The latest donation will cover full tuition for as many as 60 students in the classes graduating in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

“The Rubenstein Scholars Program has been an extraordinary boon to the Law School, and our faculty has been dazzled by the impact,” said dean Thomas Miles, in an announcement about the latest donation on Monday. “The Rubenstein Scholars Program continues to attract students who have outstanding academic credentials and who excel in our classrooms and clinics, and now its graduates are becoming outstanding leaders in the legal profession and beyond.”

The Rubenstein Scholars program was established in 2010, and five classes of recipients have graduated without educational debt thus far. Those graduates have been able to pursue a wide array of career opportunities because of their lack of loans, Miles noted. The availability of the full-ride scholarships has also helped the law school recruit top students, according to admissions dean Ann Perry. Annual tuition is currently $64,000.

Rubenstein, who received his Juris Doctor in 1973, said his full-ride law school scholarships enabled him to leave his law firm job after two years and take a government position. He worked on Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign before serving as Carter’s deputy assistant for domestic policy for four years. He co-founded The Carlyle Group in 1987. The firm now manages more than $220 billion in assets.

“The connections and experiences I gained at the Law School put me on a career path that would not have been possible had I not received a scholarship,” Rubenstein said in 2016. “I’m indebted to the Law School for what it has given to me, and I am grateful to be able to pay it forward.”