Man sneaks a look at woman's laptop computer. Does sneaking a look at her answers violate the Scholastic Integrity Act of 1974?

In a first for Ex Post Facto, our weekly news quiz, we have a question stemming from the TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

That this question comes the week after Substitute Quiz Master Leigh Jones battered contestants with tough queries is purely a coincidence.

Last week readers were particularly flummoxed with a question about where the former top lawyer from U.S. Steel was going to work. Only 24 percent picked the right answer, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.

Another tricky question concerned the names of two new 9th Circuit judges; only 35 percent correctly waded through the name game to get Daniel Lee and Kenneth Collins (Daniel Collins and Kenneth Lee drew 38 percent.)

The easiest question, about Senator Ted Cruz’s suit over First Amendment challenges to campaign finance rules, drew correct answers from only 65 percent of the takers.

This week, aside from the Kardashian Kwestion, we also tackle a lawyer’s unexpected giveaway, a TV show serving as law school fodder (not “KUWTK”) and the lawyer who helped found the golf club that hosts the Masters.

Good luck!