Deborah Farone, law firm consultant and author of Best Practices in Law Firm Business Development and Marketing.
Jason Kurland, partner at Rivkin Radler in New York, who represents people who have won the lottery.
Miguel De Grandy, partner at Holland & Knight in Miami, who in 1993 championed a bill in Florida decriminalized breastfeeding in public.
Rebecca Simmons, partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, on the care that social media companies should take when venturing into financial services.
Lee Brenner, one of nine entertainment and media lawyers from Kelley Drye to jump to Venable in L.A.


Quotes of note this week came from a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, discussing the intersection of social media and money, a Rivkin Radler lawyer with loads of experience helping lottery winners, and from other figures in the legal sphere. View the slideshow above to see what we heard you say this week.