Chief Justice John Roberts really said that? Interesting.

Quiz-takers, you’re getting better.

During the first three weeks of “Ex Post Facto,” the biggest chunk of scores was in the Barely Passing category, or 60-69 percent correct. But last week the biggest group of scores was in the 70-79 percent range.

Ninety-four percent correctly identified the reason the Cornell Law Review elections made the news (for the other 6 percent, it’s because all of the officers were women.) The toughest question concerned which automaker was the defendant in a restarted class action over alleged emissions cheating; only 47 percent chose the right answer, Mercedes-Benz.

This week, we have questions about marijuana lobbying, Morrison & Foerster’s week in the news and a typographical error in a federal judge’s ruling that made the rounds in social media. Good luck!