Attorneys Joe Andrew and Elliott Portnoy, who together oversee Dentons’ worldwide operations, hold passports that would be the envy of any aspiring globehopper. But after marching into far-flung jurisdictions like Indonesia, Uganda, Peru and the Netherlands in recent years, Dentons’ leadership sees inviting new terrain for the firm’s growth: a nearly 4-million-square-mile market that’s home to more than 325 million people.

“When we created Dentons, if you looked at the trajectory of growth within the global legal market, one would have thought that the United States’ share of the global legal market would begin to decline,” U.S. CEO Mike McNamara says. “To the contrary, here in 2018, it’s increased. The United States is now over 50 percent of the global legal spend, and it truly has solidified itself, despite all the ebbs and flows of the global business economy, as the legal market most interconnected in global transactions and disputes.”