Attorney Tony Buzbee examining his WWII tank.

Houston plaintiffs lawyer Anthony Buzbee is giving away the World War II Sherman tank he bought for about $600,000 last year in France and had shipped to Texas, where he drove it around his ranch, crushing old cars.

Buzbee, owner of Buzbee Law Firm, will donate the tank to his alma mater, Texas A&M University, on Nov. 10, just before the start of its football game against the University of Mississippi.

The tank has a colorful history. It was used in a battle of the Normandy campaign in July 1944, shortly after the D-Day landings. It spent 73 years in France before Buzbee bought it and had it delivered to his house in Houston’s pricey River Oaks neighborhood. He later moved it to his ranch and posted videos of him driving it over old cars.

Buzbee served as a U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer during the first Gulf War, and he will turn over the keys to the tank to the A&M Cadet Corps Commandant before the football game. While a student at A&M, Buzbee was a battalion commander in the Corps of Cadets.

Buzbee has been a regent of the school since 2013.

Also this week, Buzbee announced he will run for mayor of Houston. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

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