Hello and welcome back to another week of  Inside Track . I’m Law.com in-house editor  Rebekah Mintzer— still reeling from news of  Anthony Kennedy’s  retirement and sorting out what it means. There’s sure to be a  colossal battle  over Trump’s pick to replace Kennedy. Will corporate legal departments weigh in? What will a  more conservative SCOTUS  mean for business? Share your thoughts with me at  [email protected]  or find me on Twitter:  @rmintzer. In other news, Trump tariffs have  thrown a real wrench  into  Harley-Davidson’s motorcycle production, and other companies may rev their engines and follow Harley overseas. We also take a look at the exit of  Intel CEO Brian Krzanich  to find some lessons about workplace dating in the era of  #MeToo. A quick note: It’s America’s birthday next Wednesday, so Inside Track will be taking the day off to celebrate. We’ll be back  July 11.

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‘Charged Straight Into a Trade War’