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What’s Happening –

This week, my colleague Christine Simmons reported that global law firm  Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy   is giving its associates big raises . First-year associates at the firm will now make a healthy  $190,000 per year  (a $10,000 jump from their previous salary). By year eight, associates will be raking in  $330,000Milbank’s chairman Scott Edelman  says this a move to let these lawyers  “know how much they’re valued.” But are corporate clients, who at the end of the day, bankroll outside counsel pay, thrilled about the Milbank announcement and its possible “cascading” effects as major firms including  Winston & Strawn, Proskauer Rose  and  Simpson Thacher  rush to match  the new pay scale?Hardly! One legal team executive from a major company, who prefers to remain anonymous, wrote reporter  Caroline Spiezio  with a strong opinion on the matter: This sort of change is a continued example of the compounding costs of the traditional law firm model. I can readily source through alternative legal service providers equally competent lawyers who have excellent credentials, 10+ years of experience, and will work better, faster and with more know-how and practicality than any junior associate for less than the cost of an associate at these salary rates. Read more:   The $190K Question: Will Clients Balk at Rising Associate Salaries?  —➤ What’s your perspective on the latest Big Law associate salary raises and where they’re headed?  Email me.    

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