Dewey think it’s okay to cook the books when you’re a little short of cash? No, siree, and neither does the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, which recently indicted four of the defunct Dewey & LeBoeuf’s erstwhile members for doing just that: Steven Davis, the firm’s former chairman; Stephen DiCarmine, its former executive director; Joel Sanders, who served as its chief financial officer; and Zachary Warren, who was the client relations manager. P.S. Allegedly, they actually used the phrase “cooking the books” in emails discussing (you guessed it!) cooking the books.

The Rookie Mistake

Here’s a tip: When you’re stepping up to the podium at the highest court in the land, don’t plan to rely on your notes. In January, a nervous first-time U.S. Supreme Court advocate began his argument by reading from a prepared statement, until  Justice Antonin Scalia (that old softie), interrupted and asked: “Counsel, you are not reading this, are you?” …Cue awkward silence…

The Cringe-Inducing Associate Error