cowboy hats
(Image: Clipart)

Leave it to a Texan to disrespect a courtroom in honor of his mother.

Well, kind of.

In 1988, then–Fort Worth Judge Don Leonard recounted to Texas Lawyer [April 4, 1988, "Yo Mama," page 2] that he held a would-be juror in contempt for refusing to remove his cowboy hat.

“He said he was sorry, but he didn’t take off his hat for nobody but his mama,” Leonard said.

Leonard ordered the man jailed for 10 days when he refused to remove the wide-brimmed black hat in the central jury room.

“I said, ‘I hold you in contempt, and you just put yourself in jail.’ He didn’t talk much. He just nodded his head,” Leonard said.

The judge said the matter was resolved three days later when the man apologized.

According to the article, the man was bare-headed on his second courtroom appearance because jailers took his hat when they booked him into jail.

“If I’d a had time, I’d a warned him that he didn’t get to keep the hat either way,” Leonard said.

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