Here’s what’s happening in the world of legal education:

1. Think like a lawyer without being one. Want to acquire the reasoning power of a lawyer without having to shell out a cent (actually, it’s more like hundreds of thousands of dollars) for law school? Easy! Take the LSAT—but go no further.

Research shows that just studying and taking the LSATs will make you smarter. From The National Law Journal:

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley Department of Psychology and U.C.’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute have found that intensive LSAT study alters the brain, reinforcing circuits and helping bridge the gap between its right and left hemispheres.

Graduate student Allyson Mackey, the lead researcher, told the NLJ that the research focused on “how the brain changes as a result of LSAT preparation—which we think is, fundamentally, reasoning training. We wanted to show that the ability to reason is malleable in adults.”