I am back with more updates related to digital media law.  The key development in April was the U.S. Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on the legality of the Aereo service.

Aereo is a service that lets users license individual antennas in their local markets and the makes the feed of free, over-the-air channels, recordable and available on various devices. Aereo claims that it is simply allowing users to do what they can legally do with their own antennas.  The broadcasters claim this is a re-broadcast.  The main issue is whether a company “publicly performs a copyrighted television program when it retransmits a broadcast of that program to thousands of paid subscribers over the Internet.”

In advance of the Supreme Court consideration, Aereo launched a website at www.protectmyantenna.org to influence public opinion.

Here are some key articles on the topic.

Katelyn Polantz, Law Firms Eye Business Boon If Aereo Wins in High Court, National Law Journal, April 22, 2014.

Jeff John Roberts, Aereo at the Supreme Court: a guide to the biggest TV case in 30 years (and where to learn more), GogaOM, April 22, 2014.

Farhad Manjoof, The Cloud Industry Needs Aereo to Win. But Consumers Need Something Better, The New York Times, April 24, 2014.