Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts and Settlements are Bruce Nagel’s Trademark

Photograph by Statia Grossman Photograph by Statia Grossman

Bruce H. Nagel established Nagel Rice 30 years ago and has built a newsmaker reputation for handling cutting-edge cases and achieving multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. In addition to achieving nearly $1 billion in settlements and verdicts – including the largest personal injury verdict in New Jersey history – the firm has handled high-profile cases that have been featured on 60 Minutes, Stuart Varney, Diane Willis, Dan Abrams Reports, Court TV, Inside America’s Court, and every major network. Nagel is currently handling some of the highest profile cases in the country: class action against the NFL for illegal sale of Super Bowl tickets, case against Short Hills Mall involving carjacking-death of patron, and RICO case against short-selling hedge funds. Nagel has garnered numerous accolades for his trial expertise, including being named in the New Jersey Top 10 Super Lawyers, The Best Lawyers in America, Best Lawyers in New York Metropolitan Area and being recognized in Newsweek as one of the best medical malpractice attorneys in America.

Nagel takes pride in the fact that his clientele ranges from celebrities in sports and entertainment to the person next door. One of his high-profile clients glows: “Nagel is a true courtroom warrior; I spent a month in court with him and he was simply brilliant.” Nagel observes: “I consider the courtroom the ultimate test and have successfully tried hundreds of cases over my career.”

Nagel routinely takes on the most complex and challenging cases. He gained national attention when he sued a former federal judge for mishandling an insider trading case brought against the CEO of a major public company. Most recently, Nagel spearheaded a series of consumer class actions against credit card companies over credit protection programs that were fraudulent. Nagel and his firm were able to recover more than $50 million for consumers. “We have the skill, resources, and guts to try cases, and that’s what sets our firm apart,” Nagel says.

“It’s been extremely rewarding to build the premier trial firm from scratch,” he adds. “From the start, we took on challenging cases that many other firms wouldn’t handle, and that approach of taking unique, cutting-edge cases to trial ultimately allowed us to mold many areas of the law.”

Indeed, Nagel Rice has blazed the trail in the fields of serious personal injury, class action, medical malpractice, wrongful birth, business litigation, and estate litigation. The firm has appeared before the New Jersey Supreme Court 15 times and in courts throughout the country.

Still, Nagel notes that, above all, he takes pride in the firm’s history of helping individuals who have suffered debilitating injuries. Nagel has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of victims of all types of accidents and medical malpractice, including automobile, truck, airplane, train, burn, and construction site accidents. With Nagel, the proof is in the pudding: more than $400 million in medical malpractice and personal injury settlements/verdicts, more than $300 million in class action settlements, and more than $30 million in wrongful birth settlements/verdicts.

Nagel has pioneered several distinct areas of the law over his career. In the 1980s and 1990s, he helped establish the field of wrongful birth and wrongful life by representing families of children born with genetic defects or other types of birth defects that could have been detected either through an ultrasound or genetic testing. He has litigated cases throughout the country on behalf of children who were born with such birth defects and genetic conditions as Tay-Sachs, Canavan disease, Niemann-Pick, Wolf-Hirschhorn, Spina Bifida, and hypoplastic heart, to name a few.

In addition to standing up for children and pregnant mothers, Nagel single-handedly changed the law in the area of eating disorder medical care. In landmark settlements with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and AmeriHealth, he successfully obtained insurance coverage for thousands of people suffering from eating disorders. “Through these three cases, we helped countless families who were previously denied coverage for lifesaving medical treatment,” Nagel explains.

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