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A New York county courthouse had more problems than just criminal matters to deal with this week, when workers discovered a huge flea infestation. The New York State Unified Court System shut down the Orleans County Courthouse for two days to get the place de-bugged from top to bottom. Our guess: Nobody’s itching to go back to work anytime soon.


Summer hasn’t been kind to the legal sector, which lost 200 jobs last month according to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that the industry has lost a total of 800 jobs this year so far.



Fancy schmancy jeweler (and bejeweled-egg maker) Fabergé has prevailed in a trademark suit against a restaurant in Brooklyn called Faberge (spelled without the accent, and with an Eiffel Tower picture instead of the “A.”) The restaurant’s owner had argued that there wasn’t a likelihood of confusion between the two Faberges, since one sells diamond tiaras and the other sells … steak. Under a settlement agreement, the restaurant must now change its name and pay Fabergé $25,000.


$3.35 Million

LinkedIn had to fork over a bundle of cash to its employees this week: $3.35 million in unpaid overtime, plus $2.5 million in damages after the U.S. Department of Labor found the company to be in violation of Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime pay standards. Employees for the company who were eligible for overtime were not properly compensated extra hours and their time was not tracked correctly. LinkedIn released a statement saying: “LinkedIn has made every effort possible to ensure each impacted employee has been made whole.”