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The number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. We mention this because this week Politico published an article entitled: “Hobby Lobby Decision: Nine justices to watch.” Which leads us to wonder: Are there a bunch of secret Supreme Courts we’ve never heard of, each with its own pack of justices?


Of the 36,629 patent cases filed and closed between 2000 and last year, fewer than two percent (708, to be precise) led to compensatory damage awards, according to a study by legal analytics company Lex Machina. In other words, says Lex Machina GC Owen Byrd, “[w]hen you look at the averages and the medians, the major takeaway is that it’s really hard to win [patent cases], and it’s even harder to win one of size.”


Facebook is at odds with the Manhattan district attorney’s office over an order to hand over the contents of the accounts of 381 users. Prosecutors requested the information from Facebook last summer. The social networking giant refused to surrender the records, arguing that the request violated its users’ constitutional right to be free of unreasonable searches. A judge ruled that Facebook “had no standing to contest the search warrants since it was simply an online repository of data, not a target of the criminal investigation.” Facebook is appealing the ruling.


A lawsuit alleges that Goldman Sachs paid female employees a whole lot less than their male counterparts—21% less, in fact. In a filing seeking recognition for a class of women who’ve worked at Goldman, Christina Chen-Oster and Shanna Orlich, both former employees of the investment bank, alleged that they and their colleagues were subject to systematic discrimination because of their gender. In addition to their complaints about pay inequality, they also contend that: “23% fewer female Vice Presidents have been promoted to Managing Director relative to their male counterparts,” that the bank’s female employees are routinely penalized for choosing to have children, and that “entertaining clients at strip clubs was considered routine for Goldman in the U.S.”

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The number of workdays this week and the date in July on which our nation’s was established. Happy Independence Day from!