Only six words? These are not just any words that I select to blog about but six powerful words that successful rainmakers know to be integral to their daily practices.

Let’s get started:

If you cease to embrace new ideas, concepts, new ways of doing things in your business, then just go sit in your rocking chair and rock on.

Successful rainmakers understand it to be mandatory to tweak their networking practices to be more effective; to gain a greater working knowledge of marketing technology and social media marketing techniques to gain a broader footprint in growing their online reputation and relationships. In short, learning never stops for the successful rainmaker. NEVER!

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind. ~Martin H. Fischer

To learn is to invest in yourself. As a professional (regardless of what profession), you will find your way to your special niche, often with a few missteps mixed in. Learning how to present a professional image will render you much more effective and allow your targeted audiences (internal clients; supervisors; key influencers; prospects, etc.). Projecting a professional, polished image is crucial to growing into your rainmaker status. Dress the part and soon, it will be yours.

Seeking outside resources is a great way to learn skill sets which you need to be successful. Things like how to network effectively. Many people network; very few do it well. Learning how to productively introduce yourself so as to compel someone to say “tell me more”. How about actually asking for business? Most lawyers would rather eat raw octopus . There are so many ways that you can set your career path on a positive track if you seek out expertise insights, training beyond your present skill sets.

Another area of growth is improving communications skills. If you don’t know, most of communication occurs non-verbally. In fact, only 10% of communication actually occurs through the spoken word. All the more reason to nail down your non-verbal and tonal communication.