Lawyers: a key element of your business development strategy is to be visible online. That’s where your clients and prospects hang out. The Internet isn’t going away.


Consider Pew Research’s ”25th anniversary of the Web” survey. In the USA today:

  • 87% of adults use the Internet. Near-saturation
  • 90% of users say the Internet is a good thing for them — only 6% say the Internet is a bad thing.
  • 53% of users say the Internet would be “very hard” to give up — compared with 38% in 2006.
  • 70% of users say they are treated kindly or generously by others online.
  • 90% of adults have a cell phone and 66% of those say they use their phones to go online.
  • 33% of cell phone owners say that their primary Internet access point is their phone.

Other survey takeaways:

Americans are pragmatic and positive about the pros and cons of the “connected life.” Most of us see the Internet as a good thing for our society and a friendly place–that’s despite Internet trolls or Facebook’s latest emotional manipulation study. Many feel that online communication makes our relationships stronger. More striking–as TV and landline phones are losing stature–digital technologies are viewed as essential. Last, we don’t need desktops or laptops to access the Internet–we’re fine with mobile phones.

Like the parable of the blind men describing an elephant—one feels the leg and says it is like a pillar, another feels the tail and says it is like a rope—people’s experiences of the Internet are highly subjective.

Subjective? Sure. But Pew didn’t guess. They asked us. That’s the picture we painted.

The legal industry may be conservative and risk-averse, but that’s exactly your opportunity.

As law firm management weighs “the benefits of using social technologies for client development, entrepreneurial firms are moving ahead.”

The Content Marketing Revolution (HBR Blog Network):

With the advent of the Internet, social media, and the dispersal of knowledge in every direction, [lawyers] are in the unique position to distribute the information they’ve gathered in exchange for audiences, readership, and brand loyalty.

population by generation

The Internet’s sweeping impact requires that you establish your own digital footprint to keep up and engage with your digital savvy clients and prospects.

Social media is a natural way to establish these new client relationships and to continually engage your current clients. Don’t miss this opportunity.

How are you using the Internet for business development?


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