T. Boone Pickens and his son Michael Pickens reached a settlement on Jan. 25, the day scheduled for jury selection to start in a trial pitting them against each other, according to the elder Pickens’ lawyer Leland de La Garza.

“Boone is pleased that this dispute has been resolved,” de La Garza, a shareholder in Dallas’ Hallett & Perrin, said.

Prior to the settlement, the terms of which were not disclosed, the elder Pickens’ legal defense team has proposed asking prospective jurors how they feel about spanking as a form of discipline for young children.

That question was among 38 others in a proposed jury questionnaire that Pickens’ counsel has asked a Dallas judge to approve for the trial, which would have pitted the energy industry mogul against the son.

The elder Pickens’ proposed questionnaire also asked jury prospects if they think most successful business people have a good work ethic or are just lucky—or both.

The Pickens father-son courthouse battles began in 2013, when the father sued the son, citing invasion of privacy and defamation claims, based on his son’s statements posted on a blog. The elder Pickens eventually dropped that lawsuit. But in November 2014, the son filed his own lawsuit against the father, alleging breach of contract and fraud.

Thomas Bowers, who represents the son, did not return a call for this story.

Last year, the father filed a motion that the court granted seeking a temporary restraining order and the injunction barring his son from communicating with him except through lawyers.

At that time, de la Garza told Texas Lawyer that the elder Pickens dropped his previous lawsuit because the courthouse was not “a good place” for a family fight.