Man Alleges Pot-Spiked Candy Bars Made Him Sick

Man Alleges Pot-Spiked Candy Bars Made Him Sick

A Colorado county fairgoer, who alleges he became ill from marijuana-laced chocolate samples, has filed a proposed class action against the company that handed them out at the fair’s “Pot Pavilion.”

Longmont, Colo., resident Jordan Coombs accuses a fair vendor, medical marijuana firm LivWell Inc., of giving him and others free Full Melt chocolate bars spiked with marijuana’s active chemical THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, even though the entire Denver County Fairgrounds, including the Pot Pavilion, was supposed to be drug free.

Coombs, who attended the fair on Aug. 3 with his family, said the vendor told him that the chocolate bars did not contain any marijuana ingredients, after he specifically asked if they did. He alleges that he became ill shortly after he ate several pieces of the candy and vomited uncontrollably. At an emergency room, doctors said he had overdosed and blood tests showed the presence of THC in his system.

At least two other fairgoers also became ill, according to local media reports. Coombs filed Coombs v. Beyond Broadway on Aug. 7 in Colorado district court, Denver County, against Beyond Broadway LLC, which does business as LivWell and Full Melt Chocolate.

Coombs’ complaint alleges LivWell engaged in breach of warranty, negligence, failure to warn and negligent misrepresentation, and asks for a judgment to at least cover the costs he incurred.

Marijuana use by adults is legal in Colorado, where businesses catering to pot-related trades are proliferating. According to Coombs’ complaint, the fair’s pavilion devoted to the state’s newest industry featured “speed rolling” and Dorito eating competitions, live music, Grateful Dead karaoke, a laser light show and marijuana-related merchandise.

Coombs’ attorney is Corey Zurbuch, of Frascona, Joiner, Goodman & Greenstein, P.C.