Two former flight attendants for Falcon Air Express, a Miami-based charter airline, filed a retaliation lawsuit claiming they were fired after reporting concerns about in-flight cabin depressurization.

In a lawsuit filed June 20 and assigned to Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Spencer Eig, Karla Aquino and Leidy Garafolo said the incident occurred on a flight from Miami to Aruba last Oct. 6.

A door in the galley area of the aircraft cracked open about 12 inches, allowing air to rush noisily into the cabin and causing passengers to experience physical pain and fear, according to the lawsuit. Aquino

A senior flight attendant suggested napkins be used to fill the crack, but Aquino said the gap was too wide, the lawsuit states. Oxygen masks did not deploy, and the pilot did not declare a flight emergency.

Aquino and Garafolo was fired three days later for insubordination after they returned from Aruba and reported the incident to Miami-based airline management.

They are represented by attorneys Roderick Hannah of Hollywood and Pelayo Duran of Miami.

“We believe this is a shocking case of retaliation that could have easily ended with a major air disaster,” Duran said.

The airline switchboard did not take messages Thursday, and there was no immediate response to an emailed request for comment.