Botein Winners

Botein Winners NYLJ/Rick Kopstein

The 2014 Bernard Botein Awards were presented Monday at the New York City Bar Association. The medal, which memorializes the former presiding justice and city bar president (whose bronze bust is pictured, center), is awarded to non-judicial personnel in the First Department “for outstanding contributions to the administration of the courts.”

Far left, Debra L. Raskin, incoming city bar president and partner at Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard. From left, award winners Jane Schreiber, director of the Office of the Attorneys for Children; Andrew T. Williams, Matrimonial Court officer; Tracy Pardo, chief clerk of Bronx Civil Court; George Cafasso, chief clerk of New York City Family Court; Justin Barry, chief clerk of New York City Criminal Court. Far right, First Department, Presiding Justice Luis A. Gonzalez.