Most people are used to hearing news accounts of how a female employee was sexually harassed by her male boss. But it’s easy to forget that sometimes the sexes are reversed.

Attorney Sindy Warren on Warren & Associates’ Our Blog discusses a recent case where a male employee got more than $500,000 from a Texas jury because his female boss sexually harassed him.

The suit was filed by former Galveston County deputy constable James Gist against the county, alleging his supervisor, constable Pam Matranga, embarrassed and humiliated him by “placing her shirt over his head and holding his face to her breasts, providing unwanted lap dances and offering him oral sex at work,” in addition to other things.

Warren says it may be easy to lose sight that sexual advances in the workplace, no matter which gender is responsible, are “a recipe for a very expensive disaster.”

One of the case’s more interesting facts, she says, was that the jury gave the plaintiff $200,000 more than he asked for.