Hitting Back: Credit Suisse’s chief executive will hit back at allegations the Swiss bank was a willing accomplice in U.S. tax evasion on Wednesday, blaming instead a small group of its private bankers for helping Americans conceal their wealth, Reuters reports.

Bitcoin Regulation: The apparent collapse of Bitcoin’s best-known and once-dominant trading platform may clear the way for more established players to transform and rein in a largely unregulated market. Three commissioners from the Commodity Futures Trading were at a meeting recently where Bitcoin was on the agenda, and the agency’s lawyers are examining the regulators’ options, The New York Times reports.

Three Parent IVF: A Food and Drug Administration panel began debating a new technique that combines DNA from three people to create embryos free of certain inherited diseases. Scientists think the procedure could help women who carry DNA mutations for conditions such as blindness and epilepsy, The Washington Post reports.

Pfizer Shakeup: This week, the shake-up in the Pfizer Inc. law department continues with the removal of Ellen Rosenthal. She served as chief counsel for the Pfizer Legal Alliance, a select group of 15 law firms that represent the company, Corporate Counsel reports.

Divided They Fall?: Amanda Knox’s Italian ex-boyfriend said he doesn’t want to “pay for someone else’s peculiar behavior.” The two have been convicted of murdering Knox’s former roommate, and until now, have presented a unified front in declaring their innocence, CNN reports.