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DLA Piper’s venture capital transactions co-chairman Jeffrey Lehrer assumed the role of D.C. managing partner with such gusto last month that he’s already briefed the firm’s associates on his favorite bits of advice for lawyers.

Without further ado, we present Lehrer’s list, in case it might help you too. It’s called “Top 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was a Young Associate.”

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10. Diet and exercise.

9. Stay close to law school friends. They become general counsels and refer business. Start business development activities early. Maintain existing relationships and start new relationships.

8. Pick your own mentors.

7. It is extremely important whether the client thinks our work is right. Avoid typos, spelling client names wrong, etc.

6. Our sole purpose is to provide the assistance that our client wants us to provide within the budget the client wants to pay.

5. In person is best; phone second best; email last best. This is a relationship business.

4. Make the lives of senior attorneys better. Deliver work product with no typos, in a format requested; enter time daily before you go to bed.

3. Have a passion to learn and be the best. Read treatises; read trade magazines to learn about technology; read the materials that your clients read; ask attorneys what they do to be the best. If you don’t want to be the best, you are in the wrong job.

2. Live within your means! Read “The Millionaire Next Door.”

1. Keep your sense of humor. Have fun and love your job and never be a grump or treat people poorly.

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