Track the Cases: How Trump Opponents Are Using the Courts to Block His Agenda

Since President Donald Trump took office Jan. 20, 2017, it’s been clear his administration would face a level of resistance unprecedented in modern times.

That resistance is playing out in the streets—and also in our nation’s courts with dozens of lawsuits challenging Trump’s core policies. The suits have backing from state attorneys general, liberal advocacy groups, and lawyers at scores of elite law firms. As litigants, these groups have resources and staying power to make the fight a painful one for the Trump White House.

At, we’ll be chronicling this historic clash, keeping an eye on key players and explaining what battles over regulation, immigration, ethics and other issues mean for lawyers, clients and the judiciary. This case tracker will be updated frequently with new litigation against Trump and his executive agencies. We won’t capture every suit but will monitor those that target the president directly or take aim at his agenda. Please email Senior Editor Vanessa Blum at if you spot something we’ve missed.


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