The New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund For Client Protection declares that the following attorneys, having fully satisfied the requirements of Rule 1:28-2, are eligible to appear pro hac vice in New Jersey insofar as they comply with Rule 1:21-2 and their names are hereby removed from the order of the Court October 22, 2012 and published October 29, 2012.

Alvarez, Ilena, Florida

Baker, Debra L., Texas

Barwind, Karie Jo, Out of Country (London)

Beck, Michael , New York

Beckman, Christopher V., New York

Bodell, Joseph T., Pennsylvania

Castelly, Nia J.C., District of Columbia

Chung, Dutch D., Out of Country (Switzerland)

Cook, John Everett, Pennsylvania

Crick, Steven E., Missouri

Dahm, Albert J., Indiana

D’Avino, Carey R., New York

Dominique, Barbara, New York

Ehrenclou, Wallace Hennen, Georgia

Eniclerico, Richard, New York

Fatell, Bonnie Glantz, Delaware

Fender, Jessica K., Illinois

Fifield, Sarah L., New York

Fraser, Erin P., California

Galanter, Yale, Florida

Giuliano, Jeanpierre J., New York

Goldstein, Jeffrey M., Virginia

Gottlieb, Mark E., Pennsylvania

Hibey, Richard A., District of Columbia

Hutton, Andrew W., Kansas

Jacobson, Craig Alan, Illinois

Kent, Meaghan H., District of Columbia

Knowles, Ralph I., Jr., Georgia

Kohn, Richard M., Illinois

Livingston, S. William, Jr., District of Columbia,

Lo, Wan-Shon, Illinois

Monteverde, Juan E., New York

Morrow, Robert J., New York

Palmer, Jonathan Micah, Georgia

Payne, Christopher David, Arizona

Pease, Ann M., California

Pennebaker, Thomas C., Virginia

Phelan, Gary Edward, Connecticut

Pogue, Mark A., Rhode Island

Ramirez, Edith Carmen, District of Columbia

Rohn, James J., Pennsylvania

Romines, Elizabeth Jane, Missouri

Rosberger, Richard E., New York

Savit, Lester J., California

Schiller, Jonathan D., District of Columbia

Sheldon, John M., Illinois

Smith, L. Gregory, New York

Srinivasan, Seema, Massachusetts

Steinthal, Kenneth L., California

Stewart, David R., Washington

Stronski, James, New York

Tarpey, Colleen M., New York

Van Thomme, Kurt R., Iowa

Wais, Rebecca Judith, California

Warco, Laurance Joseph, Georgia

Wolf, Robert S., New York

Woody, Paul F., Missouri

Daniel R Hendi, Director & Counsel

New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection

Dated: July 21, 2013