The New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection declares that the following attorneys, having fully satisfied the requirements of Rule 1:28-2, are eligible to appear pro hac vice in New Jersey insofar as they comply with Rule 1:21-2 and their names are hereby removed from the order of the Court October 22, 2012 and published October 29, 2012.

Abernathy, Michael J., Illinois

Albanis, Panagiotis Pete, Illinois

Alcorn, Elizabeth A., New York

Asche, Richard M., New York

Bailey, Daryl Wayne, Texas

Barrett, Don, Mississippi

Barrett, Eleanor Roy, Pennsylvania

Beale, H Leo. II, Tennessee

Bedi, Ben H., California

Bergman, Jed I., New York

Borcia, James K., Illinois

Borger, Matthew J., Pennsylvania

Breitenbach, Roy W., New York

Brewington, Tavares, Massachusetts

Carbone, Christian D., New York

Cashdan, Jeffrey S., Georgia

Castoriano, Benjamin Melvin, Louisiana

Chang, Cecelia, New York

Chen, David Samuel, Dist. of Columbia

Colton, Lauren S., Maryland

Conover, Pamela Merlis, Maryland

Consovoy, William Spencer, Dist. of Columbia

Cutler, Alexander Roberts, Georgia

Dailey, Frederick, Jr., Texas

D’Angelo, Sheri L., Maryland

Dell’osso, Daniel IV, California

Demorest, Lawrie E., Georgia

Dipaolo, Theresa Ann, Pennsylvania

Donnelli, Jennifer A., Missouri

Drescher, Tammy Cohen, Maryland

Ewig, Caspar F., New York

Fairbrother, Jill D., New York

Fogerty, Kevin T., Pennsylvania

Frost, Mark B., Pennsylvania

Fuson, John H., Dist. of Columbia

Gately, Mark D., Maryland

Gesser, Avi, New York

Goldstein, David Mark, California

Hall, Donald R., New York

Hawkins, William M., New York

Heilbrunn, Evelyn G., Dist. of Columbia

Horie, Tadashi, Illinois

Horn, William Franklin, New York

Jaclyn, Elisa, Florida

Jennings, Asha C., Georgia

Johnson, Daniel F., Alabama

Johnson, Michael W., New York

Kaufman, Jessica, Florida

Kelly, Don, Missouri

Kesselman, Stephen E., New York

Klimczuk, Kimberly Ann, Massachusetts

Kramer, Kenneth M., New York

Lapatine, Kenneth A., New York

Lesser, Danielle C., New York

Lewis, Jordan M., Michigan

Lina, Jared M., Georgia

LoCoco, Frances H., Wisconsin

Lorenz-Moser, Amy J., Missouri

Maloney, Mary L., New York

Maria, David M., Dist. of Columbia

Markham, John Je, Massachusetts

Mazer-Marino, Jil, New York

McKnight, Frederick L., California

McLellan, Michael G., Dist. of Columbia

Minster, Tovah Amanda, Dist. of Columbia

Morse, Hartwell P, III, Illinois

Moskowitz, Max, New York

Musell, Wendy Ellen, California

Nelson, Cameron Matthew, Illinois

O’Brien, Sean A., California

Olwell, Mary Anne, Missouri

Ortmann, Erik Arthur, New York

Park, Michael, Dist. of Columbia

Paulsen, Angela M., Oklahoma

Ragan, Colman B., New York

Raven, Ricky A., Texas

Rodriguez, Melissa D., Missouri

Roitberg, Weir Dana, New York

Ross, Donna, New York

Rotstein, Andrew, New York

Saltzman, Stephen A., New York

Schmadeka, Larry R., California

Schulman, Charles P., Illinois

Schultz, Alec H., Florida

Sedey, Mary Anne Olwell, Missouri

Siegel, Neil Y., New York

Singer, Kelly, Arizona

Spiegel, Craig R., Washington

Stern, David E., Pennsylvania

Stavish, Matthew W., Maryland

Takagi, Keiko Karen, Dist. of Columbia

Taubenfeld, David R.N., Texas

Thompson, Barry, California

Tidman, Mark H., Dist. of Columbia

Vaughan, Joseph E., Pennsylvania

Weinstein, Veronica, California

Wilger, Anthony Michael, New Jersey

Wilson, Alexander J., New York

Wong, Mitchell M., New York

Wysnewski, David L., New York

Zusman, Mara B., Dist. of Columbia

Board of Trustees
New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund
For Client Protection

Dated: November 27, 2012