District Judge Nelson S. Roman


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Salt was executive director of Great Salt Lake Audobon (GLSA), to which plaintiff, Waterkeeper Alliance Inc.(WAI) had licensed use of its Great Salt Lakekeeper mark. In 2004 GLSA’s license agreement was assigned to Spirit of Utah Wilderness Inc. (SUW). SUW—for which Salt was a principal—continued to use plaintiff’s Lakekeeper and other marks after its license was revoked. On May 8, 2015 district court granted WAI default judgment against SUW in its 2010 action alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. It enjoined SUW, and all persons in active concert and participation with it–including Salt–from using plaintiff’s marks. District court granted plaintiff’s unopposed motion to hold SUW and Salt in civil contempt for Salt’s continued reference to himself as the “Great Salt Lakekeeper” and use of the “jeffsalt@greatsaltlakekeeper” e-mail address. Salt’s noncompliance with the unambiguous May 8, 2015, order was clear. Deeming it in his power to stp using plaintiff’s marks, the court fined Salt $500, plus a daily $100 noncompliance fine and required that he pay $700 for each future violation of the May 8, 2015 order. Such fines were suspended on condition that SUW and Salt comply with the May 8, 2015 order.