A judge said Monday a blogger can stay out of jail for the time being as his attorney appeals his conviction for criminally impersonating his father’s academic rivals over the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Criminal Court Judge Laura Ward postponed Tuesday’s scheduled start of Raphael Golb’s two-month jail sentence for misdemeanor criminal impersonation and forgery. She allowed Golb to remain free during appeal.

Golb’s attorney, Ronald Kuby, has a request pending before the state Court of Appeals for reargument of the aspects of the court’s ruling that allowed Golb’s convictions to stand for criminal impersonation and forgery. The court did throw out the most serious charge Golb was facing, for second-degree aggravated harassment, after finding in People v. Golb, 2014 NY Slip Op 03426, that statute was unconstitutionally vague (NYLJ, May 14).

Kuby contends Golb deserves a new trial on the other charges as well.

Prosecutors had no immediate comment. More court papers are due by Aug. 25.

Golb acknowledged using the Internet to try to discredit scholars whose theories over the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls differed from those advanced by Golb’s father, a University of Chicago professor.

The Legislature has approved a bill revising the aggravated harassment statute to meet the court’s constitutional objections.