The state Legislature has advanced the names of two attorneys to serve as its representatives on the board that decides who will operate four non-Indian casinos in upstate New York state.

Assembly Democrats have nominated Ann-Margaret Carrozza of Queens to the New York Gaming Commission. Carrozza was a Democratic assemblywoman from 1997 to 2010 who is now an elder law and estate planning specialist in Queens.

The ruling bloc in the state Senate nominated Peter Moschetti, partner in the Albany firm of Anderson, Moschetti & Taffany. Moschetti once sat on the now-defunct Temporary State Commission on Lobbying as an appointee of Assembly Republicans.

The New York Gaming Commission has appointed a board to screen 22 entities that have submitted $1 million licensing fees. Their proposals are due June 30.

The nominations of Carrozza and Moschetti must be confirmed by the state Senate.

The Gaming Commission, which also regulates New York’s horse racing and lottery industries, is chaired by Mark Gearan, president of Hobart College. Its other four members, all appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, are John Poklemba, general counsel to American Transit Insurance Company and former state criminal justice services director; Barry Sample, former deputy director of state operations; Todd Snyder, executive vice chairman of North American Global Financial Advisory, and John Crotty, Workforce Housing Advisors in New York City.