The Law Journal celebrated with a gala dinner at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on Nov. 4 and a breakfast at The University Club on Nov. 6.

At right, Sheila Birnbaum receives her Lifetime Achievement award from Kris Fischer, editor-in-chief of the New York Law Journal Law and Hal Cohen, publisher.

Above left, guests at the awards dinner. Above right, Rose Acinapura, Impact Award honoree Paul Acinapura of Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A and Jessica Rose of Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A; and Robin Steinberg, an Impact Award honoree, chats with Judge Jack Weinstein, who was given a Lifetime Achievement award.

Below, St. Johns Law School alumni and faculty: Roy Reardon, Justice Randall Eng, Bankruptcy Judge Cecelia Morris, Carmen Ciparick, Milton Mollen, Mario Cuomo, Michael Simons, dean of the law school; Mark Meyer, James Wicks and Scott Mollen.

Above left, Mario Cuomo waits in the wings to receive his Lifetime Achievement award. Above right, Lifetime Achievement honoree Helaine Barnett with her husband Victor.

Right, Lifetime Achievement honoree H. Rodgin Cohen of Sullivan & Cromwell.

Below, Edward Spiro, Judith Mogul, Robert Radick, Robert Anello, Elkan Abramowitz, Jeremy Temkin and Richard Albert of Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason & Anello at the breakfast celebration.

Above left, Scott Mollen, Warren Estis and Justice Leonard Austin; above right, columnist Sidney Kess sits with Elaine Song, legal editor at NYLJ.

Below, Kris Fischer addresses guests at the breakfast.

Impact award winners at the Nov. 4 dinner, pictured with Kris Fischer and Hal Cohen. Clockwise from top left: Paul Acinapura, Michael Cardozo, Cecelia Morris and Jeffrey Carucci, Madeline deLone, Robert Katzmann, Robin Steinberg, Edwina Richardson-Mendelson, Susan Butler Plum, Brad Karp, and Patricia Hynes.


Below, recipients of NYLJ’s Lifetime Achievement Awards, pictured with Kris Fischer and Hal Cohen.

Floyd Abrams

Helaine Barnett

Richard J. Bartlett

Sheila Birnbaum

H. Rodgin Cohen

Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick

Mario Cuomo

Betty Weinberg Ellerin

John Feerick

Robert Fiske

Samuel Green

Luisa Hagemeier accepting for Judith Kaye

Milton Mollen

Robert Morgenthau

George Bundy Smith

Jack Weinstein

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