Justice Salerno
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DEFENDANT MOVED for summary judgment dismissing plaintiff’s motion to recover damages for injuries allegedly sustained by her daughter while attending a public school of multiple handicapped children. It was alleged the child was bitten by a fellow student and sustained injuries to her right index finger while the students were in a shop classroom taught by a teacher and with four paraprofessionals present. The court stated defendants met their burden to show that they did not have notice that the non-party student would bite plaintiff’s finger. It noted nothing in the student’s prior history or evaluation by a psychologist indicated he exhibited tendencies to be violent or to bite people. The court stated an injury caused by an impulsive, unanticipated act of a fellow student ordinarily would not give rise to a finding of negligence absent proof of prior conduct to put defendants on notice to protect against the injury-causing act. Thus, defendants’ motion for summary judgment was granted, and the complaint dismissed.