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  1. Judge Sanctions Dialysis Clinic Firm for Spoiling Discovery
  2. Court Cites 'Hobby Lobby' in Fight over Eagle Feathers
  3. Community Health System's HIPAA Breach: Significant Lessons for Health Care and Non-Health Care Companies
  4. Google, the House of Lords and the timing of the EU Data Protection Regulation
  5. How to Get Business Records into Evidence
  6. Patient Agreements Help Avoid Liability for Prescribing Painkillers
  7. A New Type of Amicus Brief: No Clients, No Side Taken
  8. Patent Showdown Over Worn Blue Jeans at the ITC
  9. When Patent Infringement Suits Meet Low Infringing Sales
  10. India Enters 'Pay-for-Delay' Fray: CCI Investigating Pharmaceutical Patent Settlements
  11. Ninth Circuit Preview: In re National Security Letter
  12. Cadwalader Takes Corporate Inversions to Another Level
  13. NLRB Means Business About Zero Tolerance Rules
  14. IRS Scrutinizing Settlement Payments in Employment Disputes
  15. High Court Widens Trial Judges' Prerogative to Transfer Venue
  16. Handcuff Photo Struck From Orie Melvin's Sentence
  17. A Pro Bono Champ
  18. Zelda Williams and Social Media Decency
  19. Class Action Plaintiffs Look to Fair Credit Reporting Act for Private Relief from Data Breaches Involving Health Information
  20. No Coverage for the Cantankerous? The Ninth Circuit Goes "Retro" In Finding "No Disability"
  21. With BofA Settlement Comes Shift in Work for Firms
  22. Ruling Limits Krishna Movement's Fundraising at Airport
  23. This Week by the Numbers: Disbarred for Accepting Marijuana, "Shop and Frisk" and Lawyer Bashing
  24. Chapter 15 Bankruptcy a Developing Area of Law
  25. Sutherland Ordered to Pay $175K in Sanctions

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