The battle of the bulge marches on. And one judge in Ohio has joined the ranks of those willing to help fat Americans slim down.

Last year, Cleveland banned the use of trans fats in any food prepared or served in food shops. Soon after, Ohio passed legislation restricting local governments, such as Cleveland, from creating such bans. Cleveland then sued Ohio in January for the right to ban trans fats in prepared food.

Yesterday, Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Russ struck down Ohio’s law—a victory for Cleveland in its fight against obesity. Ohio ranks 13 on the list of the country’s fattest states.

The latest trans fat ban underscores the overall concern about obesity in America. First Lady Michelle Obama has been making headlines almost daily with her effort to get the country focused on nutrition and exercise, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stirred controversy earlier this month when he proposed a ban on selling sugary sodas in containers larger than 16 ounces.