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If we learned anything from this year’s new partners, it is that creativity is in the eye of the beholder.

Each year, in an attempt to get to know Georgia’s freshest firm partners, we tackle a theme related to achieving partnership. This year we asked about creativity. Creativity, after all, is a cornerstone of the American educational system and a hard-to-quantify value that can make all the difference in a career.

Defining and deconstructing the creative process is subjective, but as readers will discover in these pages and in the video interviews at Daily­, our new partners didn’t disappoint us. They shared stories of creative legal arguments and their own artistic pursuits, ranging from creative tax strategies to challenging the breading on a deep-fried mouse. Find out which new partner makes his own beer, who saved her father’s life on Christmas Day and who knows what U2′s The Edge wears under his kilt.

The topic also inspired us to look inward at our own presentation. Longtime readers will notice the new artistic venue and backdrop of our annual rite-of-passage issue. An extra heaping of thanks to Ashley Surber and Mason Murer Fine Art gallery and event space for hosting the early-morning photo and video shoot.

Now a word about the partners. Our annual new partners’ survey anonymously queries the most recently named partners, although those who want to be invited to the photo event must identify themselves. Some firms named partners mid-year last year who are included this year; others named partners after our Jan. 31 photo shoot. The latter will be invited to our 2014 event. As always, we hope you’ll tell us what you think.

Mary Smith Judd, Special Projects Editor