Henry Hank Adorno
Henry Hank Adorno (Jensen Larson, Jensen Larson)

Henry “Hank” Adorno, former head of the Coral Gables firm Adorno & Yoss, has been recommended for reinstatement to practice law again in Florida, according to a report released today by the Florida Supreme Court.

Broward Circuit Judge Jack Tuter, a referee appointed to review Adorno’s petition for reinstatement, said the suspended lawyer “has exhibited a clear understanding of the reasons for discipline and is of such moral character and fitness that he is without question capable of resuming a position of trust.”

Adorno, 66, was suspended for three years starting Oct. 28, 2010, by the court for mishandling a class action settlement. The $7 million deal paid his law firm and seven people but didn’t deliver refunds to Miami taxpayers who paid an unconstitutional fire fee.

The settlement was reversed after the payment details became known. Adorno steadfastly denied wrongdoing. His law firm, once one of the largest minority-owned firms in the country, collapsed as a result of the scandal.

He petitioned for reinstatement on the first day possible and was represented at a March 12 hearing by his former law partner, George T. Yoss. The Supreme Court has the final say on Adorno’s law license.

“There was no dispute the prior misconduct was serious, and the petitioner fully accepted the findings,” Tuter said, who noted he received no negative comments.

The judge noted Florida Bar attorneys Tonya Avery and Jennifer Falcone offered no evidence to suggest Adorno was not remorseful or rejected the judgment.

“Adorno has also exhibited a continued dedication to remain active in his community,” Tuter said.

A parade of prominent citizens—20 attorneys and 29 people in all—vouched for Adorno’s character. Tuter noted these witnesses included former presidents of the American Bar Association, National Bar Association, Florida Bar, members of the Florida Bar Board of Governors and a former state Supreme Court justice.