A jury rejected a man’s contention that he developed mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos during his 30-plus years working as an electrician in Miami Dade County.

Alan Hantak was 76 when he was diagnosed. As a result of his mesothelioma, he was wheelchair-bound and required supplemental oxygen and pain medication. Hantak alleged Rockwell Automation and the other defendants, who either were dismissed or settled before trial, failed to warn that exposure to asbestos could cause mesothelioma. Hantak claimed during his career he installed two motor starters made by Allen Bradley, a Rockwell subsidiary, that contained asbestos.

Defense counsel argued Hantak’s mesothelioma resulted from exposure to amosite asbestos while he was in the Navy.

Case: Hantak v. ABB

Case No.: 12-15235 CA 42

Plaintiff attorneys: Scott L. Frost, El Segundo, California, and R. Walker Humphrey II, Dallas, Waters & Kraus; William A. Galerston, Stanley Iola, Dallas; and Rebecca S. Vinocur, Rebecca S. Vinocur P.A., Miami

Defense attorneys: Knight Anderson and Nicole Braden Lewis, Tucker Ellis, Cleveland; Robert F. Bouchard, Fort Lauderdale and James Douglas DiLorenzo, Miami, Fowler, White & Burnett; Melanie Chung-Tims, Miami, Susan J. Cole, Coral Gables, and Marcia Davis, Alachua, Bice Cole Law Firm; Lawrie E. Demorest and W. Clay Massey, Alston & Bird, Atlanta; Jana Marie Fried, JFried Law, Weston; and Angela T. Puentes, Carlton Fields, Miami