A state appeals court Tuesday said the University of Florida must release information about the locations of animal-research facilities where primates are housed.

The First District Court of Appeal sided with animal rights activist Camille Marino, who requested records from the university about 33 primates. UF supplied records but blocked information about the locations of the primates, prompting a legal challenge by Marino.

A three-judge panel said the state’s public-records laws do not allow UF to shield information about the locations — an issue that could be changed only with a legislative exemption.

"In this case, the university effectively argues that it can shield the location of certain public facilities when it determines the nature of the public activities occurring at the facilities subjects them to physical threats,” the ruling said.

"Such a reading is not compatible with the admonition that public records are to be narrowly construed to provide for public access."

The appeals court reversed a ruling by an Alachua circuit judge.