The Miami Dolphins and other supporters of a renovated Sun Life Stadium scored a preliminary political victory today, but the real battle won’t begin until the Florida Legislature convenes in March.

Miami-Dade County commissioners passed a nonbinding resolution asking state lawmakers to give the county the authority to increase its bed tax to help fund the football team’s proposed $375 million to $400 million stadium renovation program. The resolution directs the county’s army of lobbyists in Tallahassee to add the bed tax increase to its legislative agenda.

Nine of the 13 commissioners voted in favor of the resolution, but several indicated they are not ready to support the project planned with both private and public funding until more details are known.

Commissioner Barbara Jordan, whose district includes the stadium, sponsored the resolution and called for its passage during the meeting.

Opposition came from Commissioners Esteban Bovo, Rebeca Sosa, Javier Souto and Xavier Suarez.