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Our annual look at how much the nation’s top legal officers earn—and what the components are in their hefty pay packets.

CHART: The 2016 GC Compensation Survey — The First Hundred
Cash rules—at least in how we rank the highest-paid general counsel. But most of these lawyers received generous chunks of company shares as well. Check this page next week for the next hundred!

As Pay Packets Level Off, Disney is Still a Magic Kingdom for GC Compensation
Walt Disney Co.’s Alan Braverman who once again had the magic, as he took the top spot for the second year in a row. Aside from him, though, the overall picture for GCs is not so sunny.

GRAPHIC: Top-Paid Female Legal Officers
The biggest earners among women this year.

GRAPHIC: The Top Industry Earners
Here’s a tip: If you want to strike it rich as a top lawyer, the smart money is on entertainment.

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